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How To Identify Strength On A Chart

  The key to being successful in the markets is identifying when professional traders have entered the market. The markets are controlled by the professional traders, they can control the markets and lure the retail trader into poorly conceived trades. The best time for the professional money to manipulate the markets is around news announcements. In the following video I discuss the Australian dollar after the...

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When you are viewing a price chart, do you know where price is likely to go? Do you often wonder when you get ultra-high volume on a price chart why price action does the complete opposite?¬† In this article, I will answer these two questions for you.   The markets are not predictable; no one knows exactly where price is likely to go. Unless you are a...

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How can a retail trader identify strength on a price chart? Let's assume we are currently in a downtrend and after a decent down move price action starts to consolidate, i.e. move sideways. This price action has now created a level of support were the consolidation has occured. As soon as price has broken the support level, which is usually on high volume, retail traders ...

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There are times on a price chart when price breaks a resistance level on Ultra-High Volume and you immediately identify this as buying volume and you enter on the breakout, only to find the price action turns around and goes the other way. Other times price action will continue to move higher when there is a break of resistance.   You are probably asking, "How do I...

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