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How To Use Smart Center Pro

Today Gavin Holmes CEO of TradeGuider Systems identified several Wyckoff / VSA trade set ups triggered by our SMART Center Pro software and scanners.   If you look at the forex or ¬†futures contract of the GBP/USD yesterday note the massive volume that appeared just before 3.00pm UK time. This is extremely significant and will give some excellent trading opportunities in the next 24 hours.   With the United...

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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Launch of Smart Center Pro in Chicago[/caption]   Smart Center Pro is an important software when it comes to identifying trade setups in the financial markets. It was developed by TradeGuider Systems LLC who develop trading software for the retail trader to trade in harmony with the Smart Money.¬† Smart Center Pro alerted us to a high probability trade setup. What it does...

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